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2017 Fall Bass Tournament

November 10 to 13, 17 to 20

1st Place Striped BassCast BronzeBlythe Sanford48.20
2nd Place Striped BassLinda B
Al Bessemer47.65
3rd Place Striped BassKimberly AnnBob Lake37.75
1st Place BluefishCrisdelFrank Criscola16.70
2nd Place BluefishBahia MoonNeil Franzoni15.45
3rd Place BluefishOut NumberedAlan Atheras14.95

2017 Reef Tournament

 November 17 through November 20

1st Place BlackfishPaddywhackSkip Boyle5.25
2nd Place BlackfishPaddywhackSkip Boyle3.45
3rd Place BlackfishPaddywhackSkip Boyle3.45

2017 Fluke Tournament

August 3 to August 6

1st Place FlukeJoey BJohn Collins8.55
2nd Place FlukeGood CallKevin Davenport7.20
3rd Place FlukeDaybreakMike Cuccia6.80
1st Place Sea BassRiversideMike Latendorf2.90
2nd Place Sea BassRelentlessPete Papa2.50
3rd Place Sea BassDaybreakTony Cuccia1.65


2017 Bluefin Tuna Tournament

June 2 to July 30

1st Place BFTChimeraJP Dalik264.00
2nd Place BFTFlying TigerBrian Kimmins135.25
3rd Place BFT TraditionSteve Mellett 134.00

Congrats to the CHIMERA Team

Jack Meyer Memorial Trolling Tournament

June 23  to  July 3, 2017

First PlacePepperSteve Matthews56.55
Second PlaceClean Livin'Peter Torcicollo51.20
Third PlaceCrisdelMichael Criscola50.40
JM TrophyClean Livin'Peter Torcicollo100.20

2017 Spring Bass Tournament

June 2 to June 5


1st Place Striped BassBahia MoonMark Sartori47.35
2nd Place Striped BassBahia MoonNeil Franzoni Jr46.20
3rd Place Striped BassOn the LineJim Buchanan41.60

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