Mate Program Weekly  Events


Week 1:

-Safety first pointers

-Identify boat parts

-Review fish species/limits

-Knot tying

Week 2:

-Review safety first pointers

-Review boat parts and fish species/limits

-Knot tying


Week 3:

-Review safety first boat pointers

-Boat parts and fish species test

-Knot tying


-Rod repair

Week 4:

-Knot tying test

-Splicing test

-Boat handling skills

 Week 5:

-Boat handling skills


-Trying up


-Rigging lines

-Hooking baits

 Week 6:

-See above


Week 7:

-Review above

Week 8:

-Captains meeting and graduation



Boat handling skills will be conducted from Hoffman’s Anchorage East.

A visit to the Viking Yacht plant in New Gretna is being planned.

Once completing the classes fishing trips will be scheduled for each candidate on volunteer boats.

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