Limited Edition HardcoverFor the past 75 years members of the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club have had a remarkable and profound influence on the world of big-game and inshore fishing. New Jersey’s reputation for big-game fishing began when the Sea Bright Grounds gave up Jacob Wertheim’s 286-pound bluefin tuna in 1915, followed by Christian W. Feigenspan’s world record of 407 pounds in 1923. Ten years later, Francis Low captured a gigantic (for that time) bluefin tuna weighing in at 705 pounds! Low would become one of the founding members of the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club and the club’s first president in 1936. The club was one of the two founding clubs participating in a competition between New York and New Jersey boats that would eventually become the prestigious United States Atlantic Tuna Tournament. Walter O’Malley, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, fished against a Manasquan River team and the results were “mailed” back to shore by carrier pigeon. Since then, club members have fished the world over, setting numerous world record catches under the auspices of the International Game Fish Association, and supporting the protection and conservation of game fish.

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