2013 Fall Scholarships


Chairman Ralph Munsie advises the following grad students have received George Burlew Scholarship grants for the 2013 Fall semester. The club is very happy to have the opportunity to assist students who are studying in areas important to our Club members.


Talia Young ,  Rutgers University

Talia’s current research is focused on collecting data for the analysis of the population boom of the Barnegat Bay Sea Nettles. Identifying and examining the environmental variables that have changed within certain timeframes will provide a better understanding for managing sea nettles in Barnegat Bay.

Mikaela Provost ,  Rutgers University

Masters Thesis on black sea bass, life history and population dynamics. Working in cooperation with commercial and recreational fisherman to study the sex change biology of black sea bass. Has implemented a tagging and tracking project for sex specific behavior focused on answering basic questions associated with predicting the future behavior of fish populations to improve fisheries management.

Christopher Filosa,  Rutgers University

Field technician for numerous projects such as the Barnegat Bay Project, Black Sea Bass Project and Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. Christopher was also a team member of the historic RU27 transatlantic crossing glider mission. This was the first successfully completed Atlantic crossing mission with an unmanned underwater robot. His current studies are fisheries focused looking at the age and growth of the Gulf Killifish.

Dana Christensen,  Stockton College

Research focus is on computational science as applied to marine ecology. In collaboration with the Rutgers Marine Field Station’s weekly flood tide seines, Dana is constructing mathematical models and utilizing quantitative analysis techniques for marine biology research. Computational modeling has become an extremely essential component within marine science for fisheries management. This modeling can be used to track large fish movements and migrations. Understanding the population dynamics can help to answer questions as to why fish populations are experiencing fluctuation and how a changing environment may be affecting the ecology.

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