2012 Fall Scholarships


Talia Young, Rutgers University

Research focus is on gathering data on the over abundance of Jellyfish in the Barnegat Bay. This survey is part of a larger research program on Barnegat Bay being conducted by Rutgers University in response to Governor Christie’s action plan on the bay.


Mikaela Provost, Rutgers University

Research focus is on black sea bass fish population dynamics. Black sea bass has long been considered as a “data poor” species which presents unique challenges for fishery managers. Rutgers sea bass tagging program is helping to gather much needed data. The program includes an array of 6 hydrophones used to track movement and behavior.


Kaycee Coleman, Rutgers University

Research focus is on winter flounder stock assessment. In addition to the traditional archival tagging effort this program has also instituted the use of acoustic tagging that is tracked by autonomous underwater vehicles, (AUV’s). This cutting edge technique will most likely broaden research to other species as well.


Courtnay Janiak, Delaware State University

Research focus is on developing aquaculture methods to sustainably produce mummichog, (killifish), and other marine baitfish year round in a cultured environment.


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